The art work series of the 11 formulas shows, based on the art formula, that the world of matter, biology and society consists only of information and its innovations. The creation and every existence in the universe can be derived from these formulas whose basis is the art formula for human creations 

The red/yellow graphic formula for creations or their continuing physical equivalent: i = E = MC2 (i = information) not only shows that information is the physical origin of the evolution of the universe, but also proves that information connects the materialized world with the creative world of the ideas of consciousness, as quantum physics documents. Hereby the formula proves the unity of spirit and matter whereby in the context of the consciousness of the signs MC2 also M stands for the neuronal network and the spirit of the biological life units or of the human being which will lead to evolutionary and eternal biological life units by epigenetic and genetic reprogramming of the gene programs, starting from the new consciousness of humans, by the purposeful lifting of the old thinking or life borders C2 by information in the neuronal brain networks.

signed Dieter Walter Liedtke

Digitqal print on canvas with wooden frame 

with quantum physics Moment  

100 cm x 150 cm 

Price 4900 000 Euro

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