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Humans also become global when they automate these processes, for example through a mobile app, information not yet materialized and not yet available in their information network of gene programs, with controlled and targeted "super-nothing processes" (consciously transgressing life limits, evolution and species-preserving, promoting creativity programming of genes) through species-preserving consciousness evolution, on all levels into his body cell programs in a natural way through information to improve his health and spiritually and to renew or rejuvenate his biological existence again and again, as well as to achieve "an ethical, holistically conscious, understanding the I as the timeless WE, controlled, spiritual, material and biological life unity" with the eternal universe through creativity and the innovations resulting from it. 3.)


"Eternal life is in natural harmony with the eternity of the universe. Man has arrived home."

Dieter Walter Liedtke

Inventor and philosopher

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